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My Story-Transformation; Life after trauma. in Omaha

  Growing up as a little girl in the 60's adults were "minding their own business" they would say.  What happens behind closed doors at home stays at home.  Being shy anyway, I was told to only speak when spoken to and children are to be seen and not heard.  It took me til age 25 before being confident enough to state my own opinion of things important.  

This is being married and having children working with professionals to care for my (Asperger's) autistic child.  And relationships in family dynamics.  A person learns and grows a backbone and a voice.  Being empathic it was painful.  Not knowing emotional balances and coping mechanisms.  While working jobs like Nursing Aide, or Collection Adjuster.  The process of teaching myself how to heal, cope, understand life better and better.  

Reading and listening to self heal and then realizing that perception and belief is everything.  Slowly gaining trust as health consultant in 2005.  Special abilities such as clairvoyance, claircognizant, clairsentient  and intuitive empathic became my ease and comfort.  Before there was searching, something more out in the world eluded me. 

After continuous  events leading up to a divorce after 30 years there didn't seem to be anything left for me. 

Chinese Medical Qigong brought transformation into my life when I hit the lowest low.  About 8 years ago.  I felt my life had ended.  Lost everything.  Being a person with high sensitivities, I heard myself being told “many people need to hear what you have to say".  My childhood up to that point was all about observing and learning of others.  Many different alternative healing techniques and using them to survive the struggle. 

 Continuing life long learning and improvement of myself moving to Omaha, NE.   Lincoln or Council Bluffs, IA .  

In 2013 I came upon Zen Wellness and decided that the path of Zen would be the most helpful for me and I can help others more.   I continue to meet such wonderful people.  Master Teacher Michael Leone.  The most beautiful and wonderful time.  I am grateful and honored to know and continue with them.   Reading authors such as:  Dalai Lama,  and Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and many from Hay House.

Now is my time to heal myself, I believe I belong to a group that contributes energy to others.  Also known as Spiritual Warriors, Light workers.  Giving off high vibrations to help others raise theirs.  My writing I have done for over 30 years.  I have been told to write a book 3 times in my life.  Maybe now it good?  Anything is possible. 

Now I am here, in Omaha. Ancient Chinese Medical Qigong became my medicine.  I have found this to be what I have lived all my life, looking for.  I love nature healing.  Mother Nature heals all living things.  


Qigong has opened my eye, my third eye, to see so many things.  Living in the moment.  I can see the fun before it happens and the many people that are looking for this healing process.  

I do not cure or fix anyone.  It is each individual's responsibility to believe, trust, release and heal within. 

Qigong also has opened my soul.  I recognize where I am in the true space that is mine.  The flow of energy around my body and running throughout.  I want this for you also.  

 Feeling even closer to the divine by creating a better clarity of messages given to me from guides and energy sources of the unknown.  Not to be afraid but to be helpful in every way. 

 Soul Fitness Life is now created.  After creating 6 other Facebook pages just to share my past healing and experiences of lessons learned.  You are not alone many of us feel the same emotions just in different ways.  We all are human and react as humans.  

By coming together, helping each other maintain health and comfort with love and compassion is healing.  It is humanity caring for humanity.  Join my main fb page Private page   Journey 2 Joy 101, Your Community, 24/7 ; open page  Soul Fitness Life  

Only until the unknown is surpassed by the all knowing.  Nothing matters.  There can only be your perception.



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