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My Story of Transformation


Hello, I am grateful that you are interested in me and my mission.  Throughout my life I have had to learn many lessons to get where I am today.  These “lessons” would take forever to talk about.  

I am here as a witness to “your light”. 

I loved to write since I was a child, but getting the words correct to express what I wanted others to know is never easy.  The next 50 years was a whirlwind of should of, could of and why nots.  These years were spent journaling and learning how to express emotions as true.  Creating coping skills coming from a childhood of “children are to be seen and not heard”. 

Receiving honors and AABA in Healthcare and Chinese Medical Qigong certifications.  

Today, healing by helping others is the journey to wellness and healthy living.  I spent 30 of the previous years researching and study of herbs, essential oils, vibrational energy in chakras, intuition, psychic energy, human behavior, autism, religions, PTSD, and depression. 

 I have been told that I “shine”.  I had a NDE (near death experience) and understand the “light”. 

As Wayne Dyer puts it simply, “you are the spark that is God light”.  So I shine.  

Be sure to set up a consultation to begin your journey to “shine”.

My mission is to show you the light, the path, and how to easily live in today’s world.  This is done by questioning, searching and cultivating, manifesting the journey that is your’s.  Enjoy positive vibrations daily at my private group of similar minded friends that teaches about self healing in a practical manner at .

I recently have created courses on universal and human vibrational energy.  Embrace Your Joy, Embrace Joy Without Fear, Nature's Way Root Chakra, A Guide To A Vibration Life, and Mindfulness Is A Journey. 

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