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Clients say....Paige Koehler Intuitive Guide



  Paige is a magnificent empath and healer, I am glad to know her and be her friend. I cherish her a lot. I highly recommend her Qigong and readings.  Even though far away in Omaha NE. I am in Spain.  They have helped me feel so much better! Much love ♥ 

Maria Concepcion Pomar Rossello




“When I first came to see about health in Omaha, NE, I wasn’t a full believer of the whole healing process. However, after a few minutes with the Coach it was clear looking at the spiritual in Omaha just how incredible coach really is. I since come by to get help every few months.”

Kimberly Wragge


Beth Bigelow

"Paige sent me a 3 card spread and it was fantastic!! Paige is a kind, gentle soul and I would highly recommend her for your spiritual growth!"

Lila Canning

I was having problems just no energy and issues.  After a few sessions with Paige in Healing, I am much better, I know my limitations and where my energy comes and goes.   You help me so much.  thank you. 




"Omg I love it!!! You are doing amazing work!!! I am honored to be apart of it.".

--Michelle Morfey--



Kanika Dewan


"My reading was spot on and very reassuring and calming ! Just the thing I am looking for ! You are an amazing empath... please keep up the good work�"

 Elizabeth DiPaolis     5 star   April 2018

"My reading was very helpful to understand where I am heading . Thank you Paige!"



"I love the content on your website and in your videos!!! It resonates with me so very much"

-- Alissa Ling --

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Ericka Flores


  I recommend Soul Fitness Life...she gave me a 3 draw card and was absolutely spot on ..i diffinatly referring her to all family and friends. If you are looking for services I say give her a try, you won't be disappointed.

Ňøhæ Īľą reviewed Soul Fitness Life — 5 star


I give a big "WOW" to this page, We need more pages like this actually 


Karen S.



Emotionally I was drained as a lot of sad happenings of grief and despair filled my heart.

I began talking to Paige and we started to discuss the situation.  Paige helped me see and tell me its okay to express myself.  She told me how to pray for God to please help me understand the perception of life.  As Paige and I prayed I would feel  the energy which filled my heart with peace.

I know I have to forgive my brother in order for me to have peace of heart.     This is worth $100 to feel this good. 





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