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The combination of touch, massage and tapping with movement of stretching will keep our skin young and our life force energy at the highest vibration.  Self massage and care each morning to wake up and in the evening to prepare for rest is a bonus for rejuvenation.  Putting our attention onto the things that are vital for our own individual self care and off the stress of the day.  With the inner smile and increased function of our faculties.    

 You become aware of where the lower vibrations exist and are able to distinguish it before encountering it.

send note free; Meridian Clearing  

Qigong With Paige



Knowing the aspects of each season will help you to go with the flow of change. Resistance of this change brings disease and illnesses.  

In balancing, we can live the healthiest way possible and of our own accord. Living as Mother Nature controls and leads to your greatest true self. 

By Appointment only 

Awakening Consciousness



1 month course  Seasonal Cultivating

Chinese Medical Qigong (certified)  movements and meditation that enhances energy movement.  Music is added and some incense to create the sacred space that is your energy to gather and regain strength and vitality.

Purpose is to undo the blocks in your meridians from stress that leads to illnesses.  



Chakra Cultivated

I do not guarantee a cure, feeling better or the enhancement of energy.  I am happy to give you the tools to use and find what is the most effective in helping you feel better.  I don't know your body, but you do.  If under a physician care see for permission to continue a session.    

 .  Usually 30-60 min.  




Universal vibrational energy or frequencies are in EVERYTHING.

 All thoughts, emotions, and cells vibrate.

What this means is that if humans must maintain our body, or physical constitution then we need

high vibrations within our inner self and the outer self. Maintaining our level of

vibrations/frequencies to the one of the highest level that is JOY.



"Omg I love it!!! You are doing amazing work!!! I am honored to be apart of it.".

--Michelle Morfey--

"I love the content on your website and in your videos!!! It resonates with me so very much"

-- Alissa Ling --

Qigong Music


  Jason Campbell  Music      free Qigong practice music, for breathing, yoga and qigong. 


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